“GJ Events catered my party for Thanksgiving 2011. I have to say, they more than surpassed my expectations. They went above and beyond on every aspect of my party, from the preparation of the tables to the floral arrangements everything was perfect! The food they prepared was fabulous and the service was excellent. I have been in the restaurant business for over 20 years and can say that GJ Events has the experience, materials, and the ability to put together a fantastic event. I will be using them again and would recommend them to anyone.”

Chris’ Taverna, Lake Worth.


“I’d like to thank GJ Events for making the most important moments in my families and my life, stress-free. I practically had an effortless participation due to their understanding in what I wanted to do. They had it down to the T. Their work is without a doubt elegant and unique, leaving my family and I with no choice but to use GJ Events for all our special memorable moments. I’ve had three consecutive years of expirience with GJ Events.”

Alejandro & Ceci Rivero


“My experience with GJ Events far exceeded any and all expectations that I had. Ms. Gabriella really put her heart into it. I could tell that she and her husband did everything in their power to make everything look as magnificent as possible. When I saw bits and pieces of it I wasn’t really sure how it would all look together. But when I saw everything together, there were no words to describe just how breathtaking everything looked. I would recommend GJ Events to anyone looking to have an event that exceeds everyone’s expectations.”



“We were referred to GJ events by a friend and were extremely pleased with the quality and customer service received. We definitely recommend GJ events.”

Bernardo Parada & Mrs.


When someone takes the time to recount a positive experience, it speaks volumes; that is GJ Events Design!! I hope that my testimonial will give others the sense of the experience and service we received from their events company.

Whether it’s a recommendation for a restaurant, a vacation spot or a doctor, I have always felt that a testimonial is a powerful indicator of excellence. GJ Events Design strives to provide such excellence with each and every detail and transaction that I sincerely hope that describes YOUR experience with them.

It is valuable to our business that our catering and events are pulled off effortlessly and smoothly without micro-managing the event every step of the way. Allowing GJ Events Design full reign, I know that their success is your success as well. I highly recommend them without hesitation for any event big or small.

Gaby, I look forward to working with you in the near future for ALL my pharmaceutical events. I sincerely appreciate your help and look forward to you serving our needs for years to come!!

Warmest regards,

Myriam Rodriguez

Teva Pharmaceutical

Myriam Rodriguez

Como pareja al recordar nuestra boda es una satisfaccion total y una alegria haber trabajado con Gabriela y su equipo, pudimos disfrutar totalmente de los invitados, de la fiesta, la comida, de cada detalle. Descansamos totalmente del servicio que nos dio. No solo como profesional sino, tambien como amiga. No tuvimos que preocuparnos por nada. Como Novia mi mayor satisfaccion fue poder disfrutar mi dia totalmente para mi. No tuvimos que preocuparnos de ningun detalle. La comida ni que decir, una delicia, sin exagerar todos los invitados me hablaron de la delicia de la comida. Muy bendecidos del servicio de nuestra boda. No tenemos palabras para expresar lo felices que quedamos con nuestro dia.

Felix & Samantha Echeverria